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Crawl Space Foundation Vents 

Foundation vents

Recently, we had the opportunity work on a new home located inside a new housing development located outside of Charlotte, North Carolina.

The debate continues on whether or not foundation vents are effective and/or functional on homes in warmer climates. In specific, the Southeastern United States. And that answer is a definite “Yes”. Unfortunately, the market is heavily driven and influenced by encapsulation franchisees. These manufacturer driven enterprises have the financial backing and resources to control the narrative and much of the advertising market so alternative and more innovative solutions are harder to find. Typically, the heavy researchers are the customers that find their way to our services as well as the many referrals we receive from the engineering community and/or licensed air quality specialists. With the health issues and concerns created with COVID 19 homeowners are becoming much more concerned with whole house air quality, filtration, and the induction of fresh air into the overall environment. The attached link below shows a case study on encapsulations performed by a local structural engineering firm located in Charlotte, NC.

Most of my time as an independent consultant is dedicated to educating the client on potential options. And there can be several options to consider. Every house is different than the next and should be evaluated on a case by case basis. There is never a one size fits all solution. Ever. Having the opportunity to install an ATMOX controlled ventilation system on a new home right after construction has been completed is an unusual and rare circumstance.

Solving the Moisture and foundation drainage problems together early in the beginning stages of symptoms will save this homeowner thousands of dollars over time in maintenance costs. This new home is located in Union county, in a suburb outside Charlotte North Carolina that had both Moisture problems, as well as foundation drainage challenges. By staying under NC vented code, we were able to install the hybrid system called the ATMOX Controlled Ventilation System. A small, limited drain tile system supporting a commercial sump assembly was also installed to control a minor water intrusion issue. The attached link shows the house and the systems installed. And remember, don’t encapsulate! Ventilate!

Encapsulated Crawlspaces

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